Deeg Palace

Located approximately 32 kilometers from Bharatpur, the Deeg Palace is undoubtedly one of the strongest palaces of Bharatpur. The massive fortress is a result of engineering marvel that reflects the splendid architecture of that era. Features like anti elephant spikes at the entrance will be a completely new experience for visitors. It is also a splendid experience to witness the 12 huge towers in the palace. That’s not all as tourists also get a worth of their visit when they come across Suraj Mal Haveli in the Deeg Palace. The bangaldar style domes are wonderful to watch as well. These features reflect a splendid architecture. Hence, tour to Deeg Palace is a must if you are traveling to Bharatpur.

The tour to Deeg Palace mostly appeals to the tourists who love visiting places with a historical significance. Some of them may have read about the palace in the history books and would have wondered if they will ever get a chance to visit the place. Imagine the thrill of these tourists as they witness the marvelous palace when about which was known to them through the history books. However, even if you are not a history lover, the tour to Deeg Palace will still be a wonderful experience as the splendid architecture of that era is itself a treat to the eye.

The beauty of Deeg Palace awaits your presence. Moreover, the well connectivity of the place with other parts of Rajasthan makes it even easier for the tourists to visit. Yu can easily reach any of the major cities of Rajasthan from any part of India by road, railways or by air. The major airport is also connected to a number of international destinations to serve the purpose of foreign tourists. Once you reach Rajasthan, it is absolutely easy to reach Bharatpur by road or railway. From Bharatpur, opt for the excursion and you will surely reach the Deeg Palace.

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